Sept, 2019

DroneX Pro - We Review The Drone That Everyone Is Talking About!

Mick Stanley

Gadget Editor

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Everyone is talking about this incredible smart drone - It's tipped to be the best selling gadget of Xmas 2019!


We wanted to find out what the fuss was all about, could this cheap drone be the solution to the common drone issues? We ordered one to test right away.

DroneX Pro is mini super drone, so compact that it literarily fits in your pocket. It's ready to fly straight out of the box, take amazing pictures and videos from the skies, connects to your smart phone...and the best part it's just launched with a super low price tag!

Could this be the mini drone of the year?

Breakthrough Technology


There are not many drones on the market that we haven’t had the chance to review. Apart from some extremely expensive drones, most cheaper drones always have the same issues:


❌Too complicated to fly, even with very little wind.

❌Low camera quality & is hard to control.

❌Too big & hard to transport

❌Crashes & Breaks too easily


But after putting DroneX Pro through some vigorous testing we have to admit we were VERY Impressed with what we discovered...


DroneX Pro is an extremely high quality drone at a cheap price.

When we first opened the package, we knew right away this was a serious drone. It's small, but certainly serious! The construction is solid, and the fit and finish are exceptional. The compact drone feels good in your hands, and you just know it’s going to stay the course even in breezy conditions (cheap drones veer off course in even the slightest breeze - but not DroneX Pro)


The controller feels really good as well. It’s comfortable to hold, the screen is crystal clear, and feels more like a quality piece of tech equipment than a toy. But it’s also effortless to use – if you can use a videogame controller, you can use DroneX Pro’s controller. Plus you even have the option to connect it to your smartphone, although this is not required.

See The DroneX Pro in Action Below

What makes DroneX Pro different from other drones?


As we already mentioned, the price. It is cheaper than any other drone in the same quality. But that’s not everything..


37 km/h Max Speed

DroneX Pro is extremely fast. You can choose between 3 different speed modes, which is great when you need to get somewhere fast, or when wind speeds are high. You won't need to worry about satisfying your need for speed!


Automatic Flight Assistance

Fly a 360 degree loop, one-button landing and other cool tricks with the push of a button thanks to intelligent flight mode.


Long Lasting Battery

When you're having fun, time flies. That's why you need great battery time, and DroneX Pro certainly delivers this.


3-Axis Stabilizer

No more struggling in the wind and low quality pictures. Thanks to it’s 3-axis stabiliser DroneX Pro will stand stable even in the rougher conditions which leads to sharp high quality pictures and HD videos every time.


HD Camera

It’s incredibly satisfying to take pictures with DroneX Pro even on breathtaking heights. This is what a real drone experience should be like.


Foldable & Portable

The idea is that you should be able to easily bring your DroneX Pro with you all the time. Therefore it’s very easy to fold and it should even fit in your pocket. This means that you can always bring it with you and take amazing picture no matter where you are.

​Sounds Great, But Why Is It So Cheap?

Most of you probably already know what price range Drones are being sold in. It's not unusual to find the more popular ones being sold for $1000 or even more. And to be honest, DroneX Pro could easily be sold for that price too.


We are not the only ones that have had a lot of issues with the current drones on the market. The DroneX was designed by two engineers and drone enthusiasts that had the same issues as we did.


They told us the story on how they came up with DroneX Pro.


After spending weeks researching the drone market, they started to notice a shocking trend.


Almost all well known drones on the market today was made by the same manufacturer. These are drones that cost up to $1000 or more.


The most shocking part was that the technology used in these drones are not even that expensive!


Their conclusion? It's not the technology itself that are expensive, it’s the marketing and go-to market strategies.


After this, they came up with a strategy of their own. They were going to create a high quality drone and sell it to the fraction of the price the big drone companies charged. Their marketing strategy? The low price.


James, who is in charge of sales explains: "If you can sell a drone with this quality at just the fraction of the price for similar drones, then people will start to talk”


And sure enough, DroneX Pro now seems to be competing as one of the best selling drones in 2019, without spending a dollar on marketing.

Conclusion: Is The DroneX Pro Worth It?


Because of the easy of use, portability, low price, and compact size, it's absolutely worth it! Just imagine amazing pictures and videos you'll be taking with your new Drone X Pro. If you’ve never flown a drone before, this is the time to start!

It’s easy to control and it also has the option to connect it to your smart phone so you can view the camera whilst flying.


The makers of the DroneX Pro drone also have great customer support that can be reached through email or phone. There’s a handy FAQs page that can help troubleshoot some problems.


All in all, my DroneX Pro review gives this model a 5 star rating.


Did I mention that right now, there’s a 50% discount when you buy before September 23, 2019? Buy unless stocks runs out before that date.



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